My philosophy is that your living space is not one-dimensional. Don’t be afraid to leave your mark. Whether an apartment, an office, or your own home, make it as multi-faceted as you are. Color. Furniture. Décor. Design. To me, there is no such thing as an insignificant job. Whether it is color consulting, accessorizing, or remodeling, I consider it a privilege to guide you towards making your environment a place that wraps its arms around you and tells you that you’re home.


When you don’t know what to choose or which direction to go when changing your environment, I won’t dictate—I’ll suggest. I thrive on the exchange of ideas that takes place during the creative process. I ask the right questions, listen to your answers, and create the atmosphere that represents the real you.


Lisa-Marie Silver speaks about her background:

Since childhood, I’ve had an innate aptitude for design. As a little girl, I would arrange and rearrange friends’ and my family’s rooms in my mind. My mother was, in fact, my first satisfied client. She was delighted to come home on many different occasions to a rearranged living room by her daughter, the designer.


My natural inclinations led me towards a career in design, but life had other plans for me. I successfully worked for many years in the advertising industry. Even there I found ways to express myself through decorating, such as inventing a serene office environment where my co-workers would come to gain a little peace from the daily grind. Yet with my accomplishments, I still wasn’t completely satisfied because I wasn’t following my heart.


Only later in life did I take a pause and realize that interior design was my true passion. Attending UCLA Extension and Otis College, Silver’s Creations was established in 2003. Now I am doing what I truly love every day, and feel fortunate to be able to help others experience the gratification that comes from decorating.


• Color Expertise

I’ll help you select and coordinate paint colors, fabrics and materials, and accessories. See what a little color can do. In exterior transformations, color can make all the difference.


• Furniture Arrangement

I can begin by using existing furniture or help you purchase new pieces and arrange them in an innovative way to give the room a fresh look and/or to maximize space.


• Interior Design

I’ll create a new look for a room, home or office through the use of color, fabric, furniture arrangement and accessorizing or with a complete remodel of your home or specific room/area.


• Accents/Accessories

I can shop with you or for you in order to obtain the final touches for any room. Need to arrange your flowers? I can do those, too.


• Upholstery

I will assist you with the selection of fabric for existing furniture pieces in order to update or enhance their look.


• Window Treatments

To enhance a room and tie everything together, selecting blinds, shutters, curtains, and/or draperies to add the final touch and create a finished look.


• Lighting

Lighting gives warmth and creates atmosphere for a room. Adding table lamps, floor lamps, recessed lighting, and/or bathroom lighting to create a new environment.



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Lisa Marie at Silver's Creations helped our family be the liaison between us and our general contractor during a recent extensive remodel. This was imperative as it kept the ball rolling with momentum and brought in other contractors for bids. She was respectful of our cost and time and was pro-active in finding alternatives that saved both. I appreciated her keen eye and attention to detail as we not only remodeled, but had custom cabinetry and furniture made along with the whole redecorating process. Our project came out fabulous and we were very happy with her services. We would definitely refer her to friends and neighbors.



Lisa-Marie Silver is the best. She has helped us entirely update our home. She is able to select furniture and décor that looks great, but keeps you in your budget. We have had nothing but compliments on our home. She is highly reliable and easy to work with whether it be remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, or selecting exterior paint colors. We have worked with Lisa-Marie for several years and highly recommend her.



Lisa Marie was referred to me by very good friends that have used her services numerous times. I am so glad I called her and have had the pleasure of having her help in my remodel and update of my home. She is the most caring and sweet person not to mention talented in her field. Her fees are reasonable; and she is always punctual and can help you in any project you wish to undertake. Remodeling can be very stressful as there are so many decisions to be made; but with Lisa Marie by your side; your life instantly becomes easier. I will continue to use Lisa Marie for my decorator. She is amazing!


I've worked with many interior designers over the years; Silver's Creations and the company's creator, Ms. Silver, are the best on the planet! Ms. Silver is so knowledgeable about styles and trends; and she knows how to make your own tastes work in any house or decor. She has provided me with "the best of" everything from custom-designed furniture to "Pottery Barn" pieces; kitchen appliances; house painters; and more. And she has worked with me to renovate a 6600 SF Mediterranean-style house, and now a 4500 SF Traditional/Contemporary-style house, both of which reflect my own tastes so well. I will always consult with Ms. Silver, whenever I have an interior design challenge!

Silver's Creations helped me on my first home and I was so happy with the outcome I used them on my second home. Which was a down to the studs remodel that included numerous exterior architectural features as well as interior design. The house is now complete and I love it! Highly recommended.




Torrance, CA 90505


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